The pharmaceutical and biological products of the Bagó Group are internationally acknowledged due to their maximum quality and therapeutic effectiveness supported by the strictest pharmacotechnical and clinical evaluations, as well as by compliance with the most demanding international standards.

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Based on production quality, research and development, and the efficiency of its technical and commercial service, Biogénesis - Bagó has become an international leader in animal health and main exporter of biotechnological products and services for animal health care providing effective solutions for the major diseases affecting the health and productivity of livestock worldwide.

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The distribution of pharmaceuticals is a key factor of this industry and a competitve advantage of the Bagó Group, with 3 distributors strategically located in Latin America and equipped with state-of-the-art technology: Disprofarma (Argentina), Novofarma (Chile) and Intercom (Paraguay).

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Victoria Seguros, is a solid and responsible insurance company, with a vast track record and high reputation in the market. It offers a wide range of top quality products, which satisfy the insurance coverage needs of both the individual and his/her family, as well as those of the most complex industrial and professional activities.

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The pharmochemical production of active pharmaceutical ingredients from chemical inputs is carried out in the Bagó Group's industrial plant for this type of production, which has the most modern technological specialization, strict control of procedures and the highest levels of industrial safety.

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Bagó’s origins go back to 1934, when Mr. Sebastián Bagó founded the pioneer company of the Group: Laboratorios Bagó. It was the first company to manufacture, in 1945, penicillin-based products in Argentina, one of the main scientific landmarks of this forerunner pharmaceutical company.

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Our leadership is based on valuing and promoting a strong commitment to our own research and development, thus positioning our products ahead of modern therapeutics and at the level of the highest international demands and parameters.