Industrial structure

Efficiency to compete in quality and scale

To reach the highest quality standards, develop a process of sustained growth and consolidate the continuous expansion to new markets, Bagó Group relies on a sound industrial structure driven by the highest levels of efficiency; furthermore it can compete worldwide – both in quality and scale – with international top class pharmaceutical companies.

Bagó has a modern industrial complex comprising 18 production facilities strategically distributed around the world (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Pakistan and Uruguay):

13 of them are pharmaceutical plants (2 specialized in biotechnology and oncology products, and 1 plant specialized in influenza and pandemic vaccines), 2 bulk chemical plants, 4 animal health care plants, and its own R&D Center.

13Pharmaceutical Plants
1Bulk Chemical Plant
4Animal Health Care Plants
1R&D Center

Our plants equipped with leading edge technology, driven by the most stringent pharmacotechnical parameters and supported by a high level of efficiency have helped Bagó achieve an advantageous position to successfully face the great challenges of an industry characterized by strong research and development activities and by the highest standards of competitiveness.