Renowned track record

Self-improvement drive

Bagó’s origins go back to 1934, when Mr. Sebastián Bagó founded the pioneer company of the Group: Laboratorios Bagó. It was the first company to manufacture, in 1945, penicillin-based products in Argentina, one of the main scientific landmarks of this forerunner pharmaceutical company. Some years later, Bagó exported its medical products to other American and European countries.

Bagó Group´s current leading position in the Latin American market is based on a history of strong and continuous growth. Its renowned prestige stems from the joint effort of all and each of its employees, technicians and professionals, and its commitment to a unique goal: quality and excellence in health care.

At present, in a world of continuous and vertiginous changes, our Group still preserves and prioritizes the same values that have always distinguished us.

Sustained expansion, going beyond borders

Excellence is the philosophy which drives the work of the 7100 people comprising the Bagó Group and which inspires our initiatives and constant call for growth.

By sharing these ideals we could achieve a sustained and on-going expansion, and go beyond borders to become one of the most important business groups devoted to health care.